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The dolphin watching boat tour gives you the opportunity to closely observe several of the cetacean species that frequently visit our coast.  


This dolphin watching tour takes around 3 hours, with daily departures, depending on weather and sea conditions. Before departure, they will be informed about safety, observation and respect for the local fauna and flora. The experienced crew will provide an overview of the species that can be seen during the tour and will provide commentary on the events.


Thanks to our privileged location, several species of cetaceans can be found, the most frequently seen are the Common Dolphins, Botos, Bottlenose dolphins, Risso's, and much more. We cannot forget that dolphins are wild, the animals are in their natural habitat and there are never any guarantees. Fortunately, our staff is very experienced and the dolphin sighting rate is quite high.


Embark with us on this unforgettable adventure?




ADULTS - 55€

Authorization No. AOC/27/2021 on the application of the Cetacean Observation Regulation.

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